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Paper model links and free paper model downloads:

For any serious cardboard modelbuilder the moment will arrive that he / she wants to know more about the history and backgrounds of heir models. To enrich your own experience, you may get interested in modelbuilding techniques applied by fellow-modellers. Internet offers a wealth of websites and social media based pages related to papermodelling. For newcomers the offer may be overwhelming. WoP therefore plans to adjust the link and downlaod pages to help newcomers in our hobby to quickly see what internet may offer to them. To start, I will place more links on the Links page to interesting pages on the internet and Facebook. May I specifically ask your interest for the Article on papermodelling which was recently published in Issue Vol. 65, No. 2 summer 2020 of the Nautical Research Journal, written by David Sakrison. He has been building scale models for most of his life. Since 2005, he has mainly built paper scale models. The article can be downloaded through the Downloads page.

New model: Australian Paddlesteamer Adelaide

(March 2021: a detailed lasercut set will soon be available)

In the series of Australian Echuca paddlesteamers the third vessel of the Echuca River paddlesteamer fleet is now available! The scale of this charming model is 1: 100, identical to her already available sisters: ps Alexander Arbuthnot and ps Pevensey.

Originally the  ps Adelaide (with a length of 23.7 meters) was used as a logging boat towing flat bottom barges for many years until she was laid up in 1957. From 1958 up till 1960 she was placed on a concrete birth in Hopwood Gardens.  In 1984 she was restored into her original condition. She is based as museum-ship at the Port of Echuca wharf and is used for excursions on the Murray River.

The model is accurate into the smallest details. Even the double-cylinder steam engine is included!
But also for modelbuilders who are less experienced this model will not offer much problems to be build. All building steps are illustrated by sketches and tips in the extensive description.

Adelaide instructions

Together, the three models form a perfect base of a Echuca River Murray wharf diorama!

echuca_paddlesteamers thb

We hope that this new publication will fulfill the wish of many of esp. my Australian customers.

Special offer Stork! 150 years extended!

Last year World of Paperships published a special reprint of the Stork ROH diesel engine, based upon an original cardboard model, published by Stork in the sixties. Fortunately, there are still a number of reprints available so if you are interested in engine models, do not hesitate to order one before the lst models are sold.

Ter gelegenheid van het feit dat 150 jaar geleden de Stork Machine fabriek in Hengelo (ov) werd opgericht geeft World of Papership, in samenwerking met bouwplaten uitgeverij Scaldis, een speciale reprint uit van een Stork ROH diesel bouwplaat, schaal 1: 15. Wees er vlug bij om de laatsten van deze speciale editie te bemachtigen. De genoemde prijs is incl. verzendkosten.

New 1: 250 series:
Two models are available:

1) Australian Sydney ferry Golden Grove, including a display standard and a ferry landing wharf to create a typical Sydney harbour diorama.

2) ss Hydrograaf, also incl. a display standard..

Future plans:

I am working now on a 1: 250 set combining the ps Alexander Arbuthnot, ps Pevensey and ps Adelaide into one set. This set will also include the historic, still existing Echuca Murray River Wharf
, homebase to these three paddlesteamers. Another project on the drawing table is the Dutch Royal Barge which was recently completely renovated and is on show at the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam.

More news:
Some of my models are also for sale at the Museumshop Het Pakhuys of the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. So, whenever you visit this beautiful museum which is a must for every shiplover, do not forget to pop into the shop. Next to these models there are of course many other maritime items for sale which are of interest for you! And don't forget to visit the Museum itself!


World of Paperships on Facebook!

World of Paperships has now its own Facebook page! Please, like and follow my page and share it with your Facebook modelbuilder friends!

Link to FB

Papermodels of Thai Gods and other cardboard puppets:
World of Paperships is reseller of a series of unique papermodels of tradional Thai theatre puppets. These models represent Thai Gods which play an important role in many Thai religion based theatre performances. Next to these dolls also paper replicas of so-called "Thai Khon" masks are available and a theatre marionet replica of a French"clown-de-luxe". Have a look at the Paper-puppets page for more information and ordering.

On the Downloads page, a free footplate for these puppets can be downloaded.

Esp. for my Dutch customers:

ss Hydrograaf (Pakjesboot 12)
Although it is summer now and Sinterklaas is still celebrating holiday in Spain this is the time to start building your Pakjesboot 12 models or diorama, so you can proudly display it when Sinterklaas arrives in Holland! The model of the ss Hydrograaf is the starting point! You can download for free a set of extra items such as deck boxes, guirlandes etx. to adjust the Hydrograaf into the Pakjesboot 12!

2) Information on WoP's printing policy.
Depending upon expected sales, my models are either printed in digital offset printing or by a Canon colour inkjet. This printer produces excellent prints. I do not apply laserjet colour prints due to the risk of the colourpigment breaking off the paper when folded.

2) Postage costs for German customers.

Important for German customers: Oldenzaal is close to the German border, if possible I can sent larger orders > 35 euro through Deutsche Post to reduce your postage costs! Please email me for such orders and your prize, "kein Problem" when you email me in the German language!

Lasercuts sets:
I deliver lasercut sets for many of my models. These contain details such as the railings, open side covers of paddlewheel boxes, paddlewheel sides, anchors, seat supports etc. These sets enable also less experienced builders to create models which are hardly recognizable as made of paper!

Be aware that the lasercut sets do not replace the cardmodel itself. They are NOT a full pre-cut model!

Delivery of lasercuts sets:
I am happy to announce that from now on our lasercut sets are produced by the Polish company Seahorse, well known also by their top-quality cardboard models.

Free download models:
A new page has been added for free downloads that are made available by WoP. They are free cof costs but only meant for personal use!

Customized models and commissions:
At your wish it is possible to order each model at any other required scale, e.g. 1: 87. Please, ask for infomation on price etc. Please,be aware that custom scaled models will be printed by colour laser printing and as such you have to be a bit more careful by cutting, folding and pasting. Pasting may require some testing with the glue available to you as the colourlaser coating may be sensible to the glue solvents.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GGPR) is a European regulation (ie with direct effect) that standardises the rules for the processing of personal data by private companies and public authorities throughout the European Union. GeoComm (World of Paperships) hereby declares that your personal information, made known to me by you, through ordering or other direct contact, such as name, adress, email adress etc. is stored on a protected database and will only be used for order delivery and distribution of the WoP news letter. In case, you do not want your data to be stored for these purposes, just let me know by email and I will remove your data! By no means, any of this information will be shared to others. In case you want to be removed from the database, please contact me by email.

About World of Paperships:
WoP was founded in November 2008 by Jeroen van den Worm, Dutch cardboard model-builder, designer and former cartographer /lecturer / consultant.
His experience in shipmodel-building includes classic-type wooden sailing ships (of which some are rewarded of being of museum quality) as well as plastic kits and every thinkable kind of cardboard model. This combined with long-standing professional experience in the application of graphic design software, enables him to design models that will appeal to beginners as well as experienced builders. WoP is based in the Dutch small historical city of Oldenzaal, in the eastern part of the Netherlands near the German border.

World of Paperships
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PS Adelaide, scale 1:100.

Date built: George Linklater at Echuca in 1866 
Owners: J.C. Grassey & Partners and Murray River Sawmill Co.
Tonnage: 46
Length: 23.7 metres.
Beam: 4.9 metres.
Horse power: 10 hp.
Engine type: The engine was built by Buchanan & Brock of Australia
Construction:  wood.
Fuel: red gum logs.
Speed: 6 miles per hour, this is around 10 km per hour.

Total 8 sheets (200 and 160 grams), length overall: 25,5 cm; incl. instructions and sketches, two versions can be build: a basic and a more advanced version; this is clearly indicated in the instruction sheets.

A lasercut set is available. Ask for info.

Stork RHO216 Diesel engine

On the occasion of 150 years Stork Engine factory, Hengelo, the Netherlands a 60 years old cardboard model of a Stork diesel engine, type RHO 216 k, 500 pk has been re-issued by World of Paperships and Cardboard Model publisher Scaldis.

Scale 1: 15, total 11 sheets, 22,5 x 8 x 16 cm; incl. constructions (Dutch). On all sheets are clear sketches indicated.

250 grams paper, single sided inkjet prints.

To be ordered through the (PayPal) order page or using the Shopping menu on the left column.

Former Royal Dutch Navy hydrographic vessel / salonboat ss "Hydrograaf".
Scale 1:250, length 16,2 cm.

2x 160 grams A4 paper, double sided printed; 2 x 160 gr A4 paper, single sided printed.

The kit also includes a display standard. To facilitate construction of the ship it is accompanied by a total of 10 instruction sheets (Dutch and English) and many construction diagrams.

Special for Dutch customers: One time per year, the ss Hydrograaf is used by Sinterklaas and renamed in Pakjesboot 12! A Sinterklaas diorama set can be downloaded as a PDF file for free. Print the pdf file out at 40% for your scale 250 diorama!

Australian Sydney ferry "Golden Grove", scale 1: 250
Scale 1:100, length 12 cm.

4 x 160 gr A4 paper, single sided printed.

This kit includes a display standard and a diorama of the Darling Point fery wharf, Sydney.

To facilitate construction of the ship it is accompanied by a total of 10 instruction sheets (Dutch and English) and many construction diagrams.

Former Royal Dutch Navy hydrograhioc vessel / salonboat ss "Hydrograaf".

Scale 1:100, length 40,5 cm.

1x 200 grams A4 sheet double sided printed; 6 x 200 gr A4 single sided printed and two 160 grams A4 sheets single sided printed.

To facilitate construction of the model, it is accompanied by a total of 10 instruction sheets (Dutch and English) and many construction diagrams.