Wim van der Meer, Dutch cardboard publisher of Scaldis Cardboard Modelclub and PaperTrade models. Cooperates with JSC (Poland). Import of many Eastern Europe publishers and delivers all their models.

Diderick den Bakker, Dutch cardboard publisher of Zeist Bouwplaten and (in cooperation with Wim van der Meer) publisher of PaperTrade models. Specialized in architecture, Dutch war II planes and rare models such as the Micromodels (USA) series.

German internet forum (english no problem)

German internet forum (english no problem)

PaperShipwright is the brand of British cardboard model designer David Hathaway. His ship models are considered to be "amomg the best available on the market". Food for specialists! David also publishes an interesting range of British lighthouses.

The Paddlesteamer Museum and Archive Collection


A unique site giving information and links about paddlesteamers, paddlesteamer museums and collections, mainly in the UK.







Cardboard modelling is about creating a scaled down world! In case these models are still not small enough for you there is another Micromodelworld to discover at:

Micromodels are very small paper models published in the middle of the last century in the United Kingdom. Worldofmicromodels is not affiliated with World of Paperships.

Amsterdam is famous about its beautiful canal houses. Some of them can be created with the models of the Janssen Brothers in Amsterdam.






















Dear visitors:
I do appreciate your visit to my site and of course.. I will be happy when you order one of my models and even more, when you are happy with the result.

My own collection of papermodels slowly growing, and I do hope that within a few years my collection has even more models to offer.
You may believe that there are only few cardboard model builders (which on the other hand might be a positive idea in these times of mass consumption..) , but their number is growing!

Many are collecting paper / cardboard models to enjoy the high quality of 2d and 3d graphics which can be noticed in the models of today. Many others however do love the ‘antique view” of the older models which were so much in favour by many young children, perhaps one of them being you.. ! But of course.. the kits are designed to be constructed! Some models can also be delivered with ultrafine lasercut or metal etched parts such as railings, ladders etc.
There is also a number of cardboard forums on the internet where collectioneurs and builders meet each other and exchange their experiences, lavishly decorating their threads with photographs of the models.

In case you would like to order more models, please have a stroll along the websites of some of my Dutch colleague cardboard publishers. They will be ready and happy to assist you in your choice and how to order the models.
Two of them I want to mention specifically: Wim van der Meer of Scaldis who gave an enormous boost to Dutch cardboard modelling. His collection offers a unique overview of many Dutch (and foreign) ships and buildings. Diderick den Bakker of Zeist Bouwplaten is your man when you are interested in architecture and rare cardboard models. Both can also deliver any other model of Dutch and foreign cardboard publishers and designers.
Well.. take your time and enjoy your (maybe first..?) trip through the world of cardboard models!
Jeroen van den Worm